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The ideal time to bring a designer into your project is earlier than you might think. When we are given the opportunity to chime in during the architectural phase, it results in one of the best investments you can make. Here are the options available to you when you choose to bring us on to your project.


 Perfect for those that need guidance on overall vision, specific questions, or as the first step to hiring a designer for a full-service project.

Option 1 might be

right for you if...

... You have no idea where to start.

... You wish you had direct access to a professional designer for expert advice on how to move forward and help make quick decisions.

... You need help with your overall vision, but will implement the design yourself.

... You need help making the final decision on finishes, fixtures, and furniture.



We create the design, you implement! Walk away with a design plan, without the need for our procurement services. This service can be performed in person or virtually.

Option 2 might be

right for you if...

... You want a cohesive look in your home, but don't quite know how to achieve it.

... You don’t mind purchasing furnishings on your own.

... You are looking to work with a designer virtually.

... You want a beautifully designed space but don't have the time or know how to do it yourself.


From start to finish. We will manage every step of the process to bring your dream home into reality. From space planning + finish selections, to procurement, project management + construction oversight, to install day - we've got you.

Option 3 might be

right for you if...

... You want the investment in your home to be in the hands of a professional.

... You are a homeowner who wants to renovate their home and would hire a professional to get the job done instead of attempt on your own.

... You prefer not to lift a finger when it comes to home improvement projects.

... You want that HGTV level end result + reveal!

Let's work together.

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