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splurge or save series : lamps

let’s talk lighting

more specifically, lamps

lighting is a big deal. it always makes a visual statement in a room.

layering in various forms of lighting is one of the main elements of thoughtful design. it is an opportunity to marry the essential while simultaneously contributing to the coziness factor and elevate the design of your home.

we have specific tricks and tips we use with our clients to help stretch their lighting budget; making intentional and impactful lighting selections ~ a mix of splurge and save.

but for today, let’s just talk about lamps.

lamps possess a lot of design power.

if you’ve shopped on design sites or worked with a designer, you are well aware that higher end, unique lamps, made with quality materials ~ often carry a hefty price tag. most designers will say it’s worth building your budget around statement lighting. and we agree. if and when it works with your client and their budget.




we would place any of the following lamps in our client’s spaces ~ confident the design impact was worth every penny.

a few of our favorite lamp selections
we would place any of the following lamps in our clients spaces ~ confident the design impact was worth every penny.

but let’s be realistic.

sometimes our budgets require us to be selective and a bit more cost conscious.

sometimes, a dupe will just have to do.

here is how we approach finding an affordable option :

train your eye to look for the elements most often found in higher end lamps, and you will be able to identify them in more affordable ones. such as :


think organic materials like clear glass, concrete, pottery or classic wood stains that stand the test of time

shape + style

keep it simple

keep it classic

look for a lamp that incorporates timeless design details in a fresh or classic way


shade color makes a big difference. we normally like to play with oatmeal or linen or even black drum shades rather than pure white.


explore your options :

oversized, petite or proportionate

lighting is a fun place to play with scale when the lamp has good bones.

example :

the scale on these pottery barn cuties may be small but they kept the characteristics found in more expensive lamps, so they work!

pottery barn lamps
pottery barn - carmen concrete lamp - $99

a few budget friendly options that we think check the boxes above are:

amazon and target lamp finds
lamps are a design element as well as a necessity, select a lamp that checks both boxes.

oversized rattan table lamp* -

ceramic table lamp* -

modern round table lamp* -

* as an amazon associate, i earn from qualifying purchases.


just because your budget is dwindling, you don’t have to grab your bedside table lamps at home depot while you’re there picking out paint chips. it is a design element as well as a necessity. select a lamp that checks both boxes.

you can thank us later :)


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