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splurge or save series : accent chairs

let's talk accent chairs.

who doesn’t love a great accent chair in a corner, in a living room, or in a bedroom?

if you’re hoping to get the same look from a $150 chair as you would from a $2500 one, you won’t.

but. we’ve found a few that live in the middle and check the design boxes without breaking the bank.

here’s our approach:

don’t be afraid to be inspired by and fall in love with a higher end piece. that is actually how you train your eye to identify a suitable compromise.

some design elements to look for that give that chair a little design “oomph” are :


quality of materials

accent details like leather, nailheads

architectural details

examples of chairs we would place in our clients’ homes all day long :

here's some more budget friendly options - some we've used on projects and been blown away by the quality for the price, others we have in our arsenal to give a try ( we anticipate being pleasantly surprised! ) :

*and just in case you’re thinking it :

sometimes clients are quick to say “I don’t like rattan” or “I don’t like cane”. don’t be too quick to assume that. it’s amazing what just a little texture infused into your space can do to create subtle but impactful visual design interest.

hope this was helpful on your quest to find the perfect accent chair. let us know below which ones you love! next, we’ll talk : lamps.






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