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how to not hate your house 101:

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

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let’s talk about working around dated elements…

dated countertops

for this client, it wasn’t an option to replace the countertops in this phase of their refresh.

you may find yourself in a similar situation if you’re renting or on a limited budget.

what you can do:

always work with, not against, the elephant in the room.

in this instance ~ the dated granite

update what elements you can in neutral, timeless materials that move your home in the desired direction ~ gently. marrying form with function deliberately.

in this case we updated :

the lighting

with simple oversized glass pendants from Shades of Light

the barstools

introducing leather which gently spoke to the tones in the granite, making the space visually make sense. we absolutely love these ones from Mcgee & Co.

and always edit

we cleared the counters, corralling everyday items in accessories that are pretty as well functional.

need help working around an element in your home that's far from ideal? inquire about our "designer for a day" services. we'd love to help!

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